An opportunity to become Entrepreneur

We at Generilife, aspire to encourage youths to come forward and become Entrepreneur with a social cause of selling Generic Medicines at substantially discounted price to the needy patients through their own franchise of "Generilife Swast Aushadhi Kendra®".

Is this right decision to invest in Generilife Swast Aushadhi Kendra®?

1. Pharmaceutical industry works towards meeting one of the basic needs of humanity. Globally, since last 2 decades, expenses on Healthcare have been increasing. This industry, because it represents a daily need of people, is less subject to sudden market changes, effects of fashion and other short term trends, or strong seasonality effects (although there is also a yearly seasonality).

2. Factors such as the aging of population, modern illnesses such as diabetes, cardiac disorders, hypertension and the like, the deterioration of the natural environment (pollution, asthma...), will all contribute to an increase of the total drugs market spending in the coming years. The rapid growth of the Indian population will increase this even further.

3. Because majority of the Indian belongs to the lower economic class and can't really afford the high price of branded medicines, and have to buy medicines from their own pockets in the absence of a system of health care that reimburses medicine, the concern for high prices is there and there is tremendous opportunity for the generics market in the India as a cost-effective alternative to branded medicines, especially if the retail pharmacies can develop and maintain an image of professionalism and quality. More affluent Indians are also target customers, as they will also accept generic medicines as an alternative to branded ones, provided that they feel confident in the quality of the medicines and service given. In fact, the examples of the European and US markets show that, in rich countries, the generic market is very developed and accounts for up to fifty per cent of the total drug market value.

4. The Generics Law of 1988 establishes a very favorable legal framework, which authorizes Substitution of branded medicines by their generic counterparts under the guidance of a licensed pharmacist, and requires pharmaceutical companies and health practitioners to use generic names. Recent government's efforts to promote generic medicines further lead to a growing awareness and openness of the Indian public to generics..

5. It is important for you to choose the right player and to invest into a chain of drug STORE which you can trust. At Generilife Swast Aushadhi Kendra®, we assure you of the following:

a) We have an experience of owned STORE operating successfully.

b) We have the widest range of generic medicines among all drug STORE. We want to be the pioneers of generic retail distribution and be the first ones to carry all new generic medicines now available on the market

c) We have a name which is catchy and easy to remember: "Generilife Swast Aushadhi Kendra®"

d) We have a clear emphasis on building an image of quality and service through carefully selected medicines, attractive store premises, air-conditioning to preserve the therapeutic values of medicines and provide convenience to our customers, professional staff, computerized operations... At Generilife Swast Aushadhi Kendra®, you can expect patient counseling by approachable Licensed Pharmacists and well-trained Pharmacy Assistants.

e) We are going to provide a series of valued added services, like free blood pressure, affordable blood sugar testing, complemented by regular free check up organized in our outlets. We also support several community outreach programs.

The total investment cost is divided into two components:

For the Franchise Package consult to Generilife Swast Aushadhi Kendra® Admin. Its amount and content varies according to the type of outlet that is opened (Regular, or Small Town, or Drugstore Conversion). The Franchise Package includes:

The Franchise fee itself (which ranges from only) Computer hardware (PC package) and OS licenses Retail expert, the proprietary POS system of Generilife Swast Aushadhi Kendra®, which helps you manage your sales transactions, inventories and facilitate customer service and is regularly loaded with new features and modules.

What Generilife Swast Aushadhi Kendra® will provide you?

Purchasing the Generilife Swast Aushadhi Kendra® Franchise entitles you to the following:

 The right to use the Generilife Swast Aushadhi Kendra® Registry and logo

 Site market study conducted on site by our Business Development Team. This serves to evaluate the sales potential of your proposed location

 Architectural/store design and construction assistance Pre-opening and start up assistance

 HR support in the assistance in the recruitment of store personnel - note that all your personnel will undergo our screening, evaluation and training

 Classroom and store-based training of your store personnel on pharmacy retailing and management, computerized operations and customer service

 The use of Retail expert, our proprietary POS system, regularly improved with new modules and features

 Regular monitoring of your outlet

 Ongoing business consulting and guidance

 Refresher training on new products and services

 National and local marketing support

 Easy stock replenishment and direct delivery to your outlet Updates on new products

 Ongoing monitoring and support.

 As our franchisee, you can expect continuous support and assistance from us to help you manage and expand your business.

 Screening of all personnel whom you consider for hiring

 Free training of all store personnel (opening team and succeeding hires) at our head office

 Additional free trainings on technical matters, new products, services or promotional activities

 Continuing guidance and education on generic drugs and other related developments

 Easy and worry-free purchasing of items to be replenished from our commissary with twice a week delivery

 Regular enhancement of your point of sale system to provide more efficient service and manage the store better Compliance visits to monitor the performance of your store and give you feedback on areas for improvement

 Open communication through email, phone and regular meetings

 Open communication through email, phone and regular meetings